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The Milwaukee Hybrid Group ( MiHG )
Welcome to the Milwaukee Hybrid Group homepage! 

Thanks for your interest in hybrid technology.  We hope to answer the questions and concerns of current and future hybrid owners regarding hybrid vehicles.  Our organization is committed to the promotion of hybrid vehicles and informing the public about their many benefits.  We look forward to being an active part of the Metro-Milwaukee community with gatherings for future and current hybrid owners to exchange tips and experiences.
The MiHG is the home of:

-The STEP Program;
    S - to support new hybrid owners with driver training
    T - to teach new hybrid owners about their vehicles
    E - to educate the public about EcoDriving, oil dependency, global warming and energy efficiency.
    P - to promote hybrid technology and other forms of sustainable transportation options.

-The VTP Program;
    MiHG members perform Vehicle Tire Pressure checks to promote the fuel efficient use of any vehicle.

-And EcoDriving;
    The education of all vehicle owners on fuel efficient driving, to increase fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions.




The Milwaukee Hybrid group will meet informally around the Metro-Milwaukee area periodically.  These meetings are a good opportunity to meet fellow hybrid owners and those interested in hybrid technology.  You do not need to own a hybrid to attend.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to come and talk to real hybrid owners.

Email us at and we will keep you up to date as events are planned.  If you own a hybrid, please include the year and model.
Next Meet: 12-15,  Oak Creek

Justin Fons Wins La Crosse Hybrid Driving Championship

Milwaukee Hybrid Group Awards Insight Marathoners

In recognition of setting the new world record for greatest distance on a single tank of gasoline, the Milwaukee Hybrid Group has presented each of the Insight Marathon drivers a certificate of achievement.  Read more here

It's a Car Show, It's a Day of Learning, It's Hybridfest!

Seven years after being introduced in the US, hybrid vehicles are still so novel that nearly all of us-even hybrid owners- have a lot to learn about them.  Hybridfest 2006 hopes to address that in an event organizers say will be part car show, part educational seminar and part celebration of how technology can improve our lives.

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Father-Son Project
Hybrid Club Fueled by Common Interest

Pewaukee-- Bradlee and Justin Fons started teh Milwaukee Hybrid Group in January to help hybrid owners connect with each other and share secrets on how to get not just better, but the best, gas mileage.

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Hybrid Owners get incentives
Incentives for hybrid cars may start to appeal to buyers' financial side.
Paul Gores
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"People always want to buy the cheapest thing because they don't think about energy costs." Fons said.  "But after this winter, and with energy costs going up, I think the public is beginning to get wiser about thinking about the longer term."
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City of Pewaukee Man Organizes Group to Promote Gas-Electric Vehicles
Dave Backmann,
Waukesha Freeman

City Of Pewaukee- With gasoline prices accelerating upward this week to near the $2.50-per-gallon mark, Bradlee Fons is a man to envy... read the full article here

This Man Unhappy With 66 miles per gallon

Brad Fons is the area's hybrid-car crusader, and now he is starting a club dedicated to helping their owners learn to drive them most efficiently.  The Milwaukee Hybrid Group will be an offshoot of a Madison hybrid the full article here