Milwaukee Hybrid Group

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The Milwaukee Hybrid Group
Drives Great, Less Filling
Pewaukee, WI.


You can go around to all the dealers selling hybrid vehicles, that can be fun and exciting.  However, most of the time that salesperson just wants to sell you a car...any car.  They can't give you the real life answers that we can. 

At our get togethers, there may be almost every hybrid vehicle currently available for you to see, as well as their satisfied owners to tell you all about them, not give you a sales pitch.

If you already own a hybrid, we can share with you techniques that can help achieve better mileage in your car.  Your car is one of the most advanced in the industry and you'll need new driving skills to optimize your enjoyment and gasoline savings.  Our group can share the skills developed by owners, that most dealers know nothing about.  The dealer will sell you the car, but they won't teach you how to drive it for the best mileage.  That's where our group comes in.

Our Members:
  • are hybrid owners and enthusiasts or just anyone interested in hybrid technology
  • meet regularly in the metro Milwaukee area
  • exchange thoughts and opinions, share experiences and enjoy the company of other hybrid vehicle owners
  • promote hybrid technology and energy conservation through events, shows and seminars
  • share important information about US energy issues with the public
They sell cars...we sell ideas!