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The Milwaukee Hybrid Group meets on a regular basis in the Milwaukee area, as well as meet once a year at Miller Park to see a baseball game along with members of the Madison Hybrid Group.  We believe that personal interaction with other hybrid owners is the best way to learn more about the technology and how to maximize its potential.  We hope you will come away with a new appreciation for hybrids and their benefit to America after meeting other hybrid owners, expert and new alike.  Attendance is free and we hold a potluck lunch after every meeting to let owners chat after the formal discussion.  More details will be posted on our website and on and as they develop.  You can join our email list  and we will inform you when events are planned.  Come share the cameraderie of fellow hybrid owners with us!  You can find out about our upcoming gatherings on our news page.

Most of our formal meets are held at the

 Oak Creek Public Library
8620 South Howell Avenue
Oak Creek, WI.  53154

Our meetings take place in every other month to allow members to attend Madison Hybrid Group meeting in the off month.
Sign up for our email list today to stay in the know about our upcoming events.

Next Formal Milwaukee Hybrid Group Meeting, Saturday, December 15th:

We will once again meet at the Oak Creek Public Library to discuss various topics such as fuel economy and Global warming.  Details will be released as they develop.  Members of our email list will be sent the agenda and any important information regarding our meetings.

Hybrid owners interact at the 1st Milwaukee Hybrid Group Gathering.

So far, we have held 14 meetings in the Milwaukee area.

March 4th (Oak Creek)
April 12th (Informal)
May 13th (Oak Creek)
June 11th (Miller Park Gathering)
August 19th (Oak Creek)
September 24th (Informal)
October 28th (Oak Creek)
December 16th (Oak Creek)

February 17 (Oak Creek)
Feb-Mar (Milwaukee Auto Show)
April 21 (Oak Creek)
June 3rd (Miller Park Gathering)
June 23 (Oak Creek)
August 25 (Oak Creek)
October 27  to be in Oak Creek

Our First Meet of 2007, about 30 members in attendance with several new faces.  Amanda White From Community Car spoke to the group and several people got grill blocks installed to keep their engines warm during the recent cold snap.

Our Last meet of 2006. 

Block Heater Installs before the meeting to prepare for the mild, then arctic winter.

The second round of Block heater installs during the coldest part of the winter of 2007.

Our August 19th 2006 meet, members talked about hybridfest experiences and hopes for next year.  Planning for the Insight Marathon had just begun before this meeting.