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Pain only in the right side or left side of the back is possible if one of the kidneys is infected or is not functioning because of formation of stones. Chronic bacterial infection is a condition where the infection keeps returning. Other categories of bacteria which lead to diseases of the pharynx are Chlamydia pneumonia, arcanobacterium, Neisseria gonorrhoea and corynebacterium. Alpha blockers that put the gland at rest and relieve pain. Fungal: Fungal infections are rare but also one of the causes. ➜ The symptoms are pain and tenderness at the junction of the breast bone. This can help alleviate pain and reduce joint swelling resulting from arthritis. Many health conditions such as heart diseases are linked to inflammation. The following article provides in-depth information on myositis treatment.

Kane scored the winner in Spurs’ Premier League clash against Sunderland before being carried off in the 87th minute after turning his ankle while making a tackle. There was speculation the England international, last season’s Premier League top scorer, could face two months on the sidelines. “I always try to be honest with you. Just half an hour ago we received the report about the scan and it’s much, much better than we expected,” Pochettino told reporters. “Maybe we can reduce the time (that he is out) but we are happy, the scan was very positive, we are very happy about this news but still we cannot give a time for how long his recovery will be,” the Argentine added. “We are happy because the scan was better than we expected. I am not a doctor, it’s difficult to say how long but it’s true that it’s much, much, much better than what we expected and that is very positive.” Tottenham face Russian side CSKA Moscow in Champions League Group E on Tuesday. (Reporting by Nivedita Shankar in Bengaluru, editing by Ed Osmond) Reblog

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A break in the lateral malleolus could be due to a fall or direct blow to the outer ankle. more informationThis article provides some information about… Congestive heart failure: One of the primary symptoms of heart failure is the swelling of ankles and the feet in general. More InfoInstead, they may experience a feeling as if the ankle is unsteady or wobbly while walking. Thus, the lateral or the outer side of the ankle rolls inwards to the ground. The first measure is to reduce the weight off the ankle and sit down. This sac reduces the friction between these two parts. A person who has been affected by enema will experience pitting. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader.

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